MIT physicist theorizes that consciousness is a state of matter

April 25, 2014 in Religion, Science, Technology by Justin Beach

Not being a religious person, this is a pretty huge idea for me. If it proves to be true it may allow us to learn more about the universe and
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Can you make a movie so bad it’s good on purpose?

April 24, 2014 in Culture, Film by Justin Beach

PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta argues that you can’t make a movie in the ‘so bad it’s good’ category on purpose. Personally, I think his definition is interesting but
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The 80s Anime Version of Harry Potter

April 20, 2014 in Animation, Film, Sci-Fi & Fantasy by Justin Beach

An animated cyber punk Harry Potter adventure from Nacho Punch.

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Mini-doc looks at the films and style of Wes Anderson

April 20, 2014 in Culture, Film by Justin Beach

A quick look at the filmmaking style of Wes Anderson

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Watch the long lost pilot for Kraftwerk Sitcom ‘Ralf and Florian’

April 19, 2014 in Culture, Music, Television by Justin Beach

With marijuana being legalized in more and more locations, a Kraftwerk sitcom may be worth revisiting.

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Anti-social media is finally coming: Apps to help you hide from people

April 19, 2014 in Internet, Media and Journalism, Stuff by Justin Beach

The best thing about social media is the people but (aside from Facebook apps) the worst thing about social media is the people.

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Religion gets equal time: Watch “Creationist Cosmos”

April 18, 2014 in Comedy, Religion, Television by Justin Beach

The creationist version of Cosmos explains everything you’ve ever wanted to know, or should ever want to know, about the universe in just a few minutes.

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The Muppet version of Jesus Christ Superstar

April 15, 2014 in Culture, Music, Religion by Justin Beach

The Muppets performing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ – with Kermit as the son of God.

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The latest source of clean energy is in your bathroom [video]

April 15, 2014 in Environment, Science, Technology by Justin Beach

A safe, clean, reliable source of energy has been right behind you all this time according to South Korean researchers.

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Your letter from Dumbledore has finally arrived : Free classes at virtual Hogwarts

April 15, 2014 in Education, Internet, Literature by Justin Beach

If you’re ready to end your life as a muggle, sign up now and start brushing up on your transfiguration.

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